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Bailing Out of Failing

We all suffer from 2 common plights known as procrastination and failure. Oftentimes, you can prevent the former...until you can't (or choose otherwise). Ready to explore how you handle the fallout?

Uni Apps: Fighting the Storm

It’s that time of the year again… university application season! If you’re looking to get into your dream university (especially if it’s a competitive one), then this article is for you! Come join me for some university application tips, as well as a brainstorming template and a list of stellar verbs that will make your submission stand out.

Overnight Oats & Egg Muffins

Happy New Year! As most of us are returning back to school/work, waking up early to have breakfast seems to be quite challenging. After all, we don’t want to stay away from our comfy beds 😢 This month, we’re introducing two easy and tasty breakfasts that you can prepare beforehand and bring on the go, making the morning less busy and stressful.


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